1. Employer Counselling Model

2. Entrepreneur Jarmo Metsämäkis\\\'s interview

3. Big Employer Survey

3. Make It Easy For Employers

4. Guide for Work Community: To Support the Employment of a Rehabilitee

5. Evaluation results of the ”Employer Counselling ” model

6. Employer Counselling, Case Mental Health Rehabilitees

7. Klara Livet

8. Supported Apprenticeship Training

9. a Pieces of the Big Picture - Exploring Employment of Rehabilitees with European Partners

9. Mood for work 17.10.2014

9. Public Service Review: European Union: issue 22.2011, An Active Actor in Regional Development, An article published in

9. Public Service Review: European Union: issue 24,2012, Employer counselling goes international

Mood For Work –project

Why this project?

Employing a rehabilitee is an investment for the future. More retirement is happening in the near future. To keep the reduction of work input as small as possible also people with limited ability to work should be seen as a potential labour for enterprises.

Employers need information about the rehabilitees as a potential labour for enterprises. They also need flexible service chains. Employing a rehabilitee should be easy for employer.

The service development and networking between rehabilitation institutions and employment offices plays an important role in making the hiring procedure as easy as possible for employers.

Employer Counselling

Mood For Work -project is strongly based on the concept of Employer Counselling which consists of case management and service coordination.

The Employer Counselling is a customer-oriented working method where a customer´s benefit is the starting point for all the employment support activities. In context of this project the employers and entrepreneurs are key customers.

The Employer Counselling –model was piloted in cooperation with employment and rehabilitation organizations. The piloting results are encouraging. According to the evaluation results the model gives rehabilitees new possibilities to open labour market. Parts of the model are already in use within employment and company services in Satakunta, Finland.

The Employer Counselling has all the prerequisites for rooting as a best practice at international level also. This work is currently going on by the project and cooperation partners.


Mood For Work -project
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